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season 2
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getting started
  • For those familiar, the rules are same as last years. For everyone else, read-on.
  • Your objective is to proceed to the next level by logically connecting the images and clues provided and putting the correct answer in the answer box. Players completing the game will be ranked chronologically and mentioned on our Hall of Fame as well as awarded from JECLAT 14.
  • Do go through the detailed Rules of the Game before you start once you have signed in. They will provide you a list of hints, tips and tricks.
  • We have a blog at Elementary 2014 Blog where you can go through hints, tips and discussions on various levels of the competition. Your comments shall be moderated lest obvious clues and direct answers are given out. The moderators shall give out hints on the blog if a number of players are stuck up on a certain level for quite a certain time.
  • Use our faithful friends Google, Wikipedia to study about the various clues provided in the puzzles. You can also use Google, Tineye etc. for reverse image searches.
  • Some levels may contain clues which will try to misguide you into a vicious whirlpool. Be cautious!
  • Please do not give out the answers in any of your Facebook pages, blogs or websites.
  • So brace up to dive into solving and winning! All the best! Play the game, and encourage others to do so too!

The human mind has always chased the unsolved, dived into the depths of uncertainty and has been drawn to symbols, puzzles and riddles since ages. Unsolved mysteries still draw numerous enthusiasts regularly to try them out. An open access online competition where you will need to follow your instincts and come up with the answer to unlock the locked!

An endeavour to bring into life the natural curiosity of people to ponder on apparently unconnected codes, pictures and symbols, JECLAT 14 presents elementary.